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Penelope Pan : Thronecoming by Fredalice
Penelope Pan : Thronecoming
I honestly don't see Penelope liking to wear those big ball gowns, if she wears dresses they're going to one that she can easily move in. I found this dress on pintrist and thought it was pixie enough for my dear Penelope =) 

Once again the background is a screencap I took of the show, not my own drawing.

Ever After High and respective characters (c),  Shannon Hale
Penelope Pan (c), me
Penelope Pan : Legacy Day by Fredalice
Penelope Pan : Legacy Day
"I am Penelope Pan, daughter of Peter Pan, and I pledge to follow my destiny to lead the Lost Boys and protect Neverland."

Though not considered a "royal", Penelope does want to take over her father's legacy. She feels it's important to to protect the land that those who are lost call home and to give a home to those who are lost...also little details that may be hard to see; on her left ear she wears a thimble (or what her family calls a "kiss"), the symbols on her shoes are supposed to be the compass rose, and her hair is supposed to be braided front to back on the left side as well.

(last minute crediting because I did all this about two o'clock in the morning and forgot!) The background is a screenshot I took from the original show!

Ever After High and respective characters, (c) Shannon Hale
Penelope Pan (c) me
Ever After OC : Penelope Pan by Fredalice
Ever After OC : Penelope Pan
A friend who introduced me to Monster High has also introduced me to Ever After High!

I was really please to find Peter Pan hadn't been used because I have always loved that story!! 

Anyway this is his daughter Penelope! (I imagine that Peter Pan followed Wendy home and the two eventually started a family. When Penelope was born they would take trips to Neverland to show her her father's world. It is now her destiny to lead the Lost boys and live on Neverland which she really does want to do; she just doesn't want to lead it by herself. She also has a pretty significant crush on Maddie Hatter (yes she's a lesbian).
I picture (for lack of a better word) her voice to be very similar to Imogen Poots.

Anymore questions you may have of her just ask and I would love to expand for you!

Edit: For the sake of the group if needed I can change the friends and romance bit. It's just when I created her I didn't know she would be joining you guys!! 

Ever After High and respective characters (c), Shannon Hale
Penelope Pan (c), me
template (c), teddy-beard (…)
Scaris Halldora by Fredalice
Scaris Halldora
As a person, I love Paris. I've been there a couple of times and have never loved a city as much as that one. So as a monster, I don't think it would change much and I don't see Halldora passing up the chance to go there. Her style is a bit more "technological" looking than her other styles, but I was looking at Paris fashion and I personally like one that looked like this the best. I also see that when she visits a bigger city that she will conform to the style of that city, being a bit self-conscious about her forest-style.
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So I haven't ever done this, except for my very first video that I made on youtube, however I think I might start because I am kind of proud of the videos that I make and I want to share them more. However since I've been making videos for about a year now, I won't post all of the up, just the latest to get the ball rolling.

I've started doing book reviews, as part of my New Year's resolution of reading ten books this year. I've been meaning to start doing book reviews on my channel, I just haven't finished a book in a while. BUT NOW I HAVE!!

Anyway the first two book reviews are up and ready for all of you. 

The first is of a book on creative writing called "The Making of a Story" by, Alice LaPlante...

The second book I read this year is Inkheart by, Cornelia Funke...

Please check out these videos and if any others on my youtube channel peek your interest feel free to watch those as well. Thanks and enjoy!

Also since I just post the third one so close to when I posted this I'm just going to attach the latest, and third, book review on Game of Thrones:


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United States
I've always been a storyteller, though hadn't realized it till 9th grade when I started writing my first book, which is currently on its 10th chapter in the first draft. Since then I've started writing many many short stories, have dabbled in poetry only to find that it's not my forté, and have started writing two other books. I've also started working in composing, still on my first a duet between cellos. And though I'm not good at it I sometimes like to draw, paint, and other such hobbies.
I've also traveled quiet a bit for a girl of 18 years, I've been to the UK and Ireland, Mexico, all over the USA, and have been to France twice in one year. I think it's safe to say that so far my love is France and I want to live there as an author, in a smaller town, and hopefully own a vineyard as a hobby, and in a house (…). Je parle un petite peu fraçais, though I'm trying to become fluent in it and I also want to become fluent in Latin. I also hope that when I grow up I'll be able to travel to at least every country(or continent is probably more realistic) at least once.


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