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Snow Queen by Fredalice
Snow Queen
Just a small manip photo I did for my story. Mostly I just changed her dress from pink to white and then it was perfect. The reason I chose this pictures was because it reminded a lot of the other promotional pictures for Once Upon a Time. So without further ado! May I introduce my version of the Snow Queen!!!

For those who haven't started reading my fanfic of this story, I'm going to say here that I'm spelling the name Else instead of Elsa, it's just another way to spell the name (I found) and I like to spell it this way because it makes her feel more like my own character to me. Her cursed name is also Anna Vindotter (the surname is a combination of "vinter" and "dotter" which is Swedish for "daughter of winter"). Here is the first page…
OUaT: The Dark and Cold (page 6) by Fredalice
OUaT: The Dark and Cold (page 6)
Anna had been studying for several weeks, going over every law book she owned, writing out her plan on how to keep Eugene in the halfway home. It was true, she knew that the town had already given him a second chance, that's why he was there to start with, however Anna couldn't shake this feeling that this was really the first time. It made sense that this was indeed his second chance otherwise he'd be living in his own home and not with her trying to get over his stealing habit, but whenever she tried to remember how the first trial went, how she had one the town over the first time so that she could possibly recreate it, she came up blank. 

She pinched the bridge of her nose, "Must be all this studying," she said to herself. Anna looked outside her window, it was still sunny, but she could see the leaves on the trees changing color. It was getting colder.

Without another thought, Anna stood up, putting her sweater on; Emily lounging on the couch with Charlie, Charlie picking at his nicotine patch. Emily and Charlie were close ever since the beginning, they came into the halfway home together, no families to speak of except for how they "adopted" each other. Emily often called Charlie, 'Uncle Charlie'. Though it seemed like no one knew how they had gotten to be family to one another, it was just always like that. Eugene was nowhere to be found.

"It's getting cold out," Emily said from the couch, not looking up from what she was doing.

"I know I'll be careful," Anna called, closing the front door. She was right, it was getting colder. Anna pulled her sweater closer around her. It was her 'curse' so to speak. She loved the winter and the snow, but a long time ago she was found in the snow almost dead. It was from this that she had developed pneumonia. She could no longer be outside when it got colder, only being able to enjoy her winter-y scene from in doors away from any windows and doors.

She had, in the past weeks, been trying to push the trial up, make it happen soon. By no means was she necessarily prepared for it if it did happen sooner, but if it didn't she wouldn't be able to be Eugene's lawyer, she'd be trapped in her room.

Everyday she had been walking, as breaks from preparing, everyday taking the same path, to the mayor's office to try, once again, to plead with her to bring the trial up.


Anna began to move faster, hoping she could increase her temperature by bringing up her heart beat, keeping her warmer and safe from having to go to the hospital.


"Madam mayor!" Anna pounded on the front door to the mayor's home, "Madame mayor I need to talk to you!"

Regina opened the door looking thoroughly cold.

"Really Miss Vindotter this is getting to be disrespectful," Regina said, "It's very unprofessional to come to my home, my personal property, everyday to interrupt my life."

"But Madame mayor," Anna said, trying even more urgently to get her to listen, "you know my condition, it's getting colder. At this rate when we have the trial I won't be able to leave my room. I need you to push the trial up soon."

"Like I said all the other times, I'll do what I can, but to push up a trial not based on the urgency of the crime will take time. I suggest you look at getting Mr. Fitzherbert another lawyer just in case," Regina said, starting to close the door, "And I should remind you that if you come to my home one more time, uninvited, Miss Vindotter, I will be reporting you for trespassing and then you'll have your own trial to worry about. Goodbye."


Anna turned to walk away and head back home. She started to shiver and her breathing was a bit more labored than before.

"Anna?" a voice called down the street.

Anna looked to the voice and saw Dr. Whale.

"What are you doing outside, it's getting a bit cold for you ins't it?" he jogged up to her, "Look at you you're shivering."


"Follow me, I'm taking you to Granny's to warm up then you really need to head home." He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked to Granny's. Normally Anna would know this is was a pass at her, but he was warm so she let, just this once.

As the two arrived, rather cozy looking, at the diner, heads turned. Ruby seemed amused, but hesitant at seeing the two and Granny just sort of snorted to herself as if she knew it would only be a matter of time that Anna was added to the list of girls he 'dated'.

"Two teas please," Dr. Whale said.

"She okay?" Ruby asked, looking concerned.

"I was just walking to the mayor's house."

"Is she still not pushing the court date up?"

Anna shook her head.


"She just needs to warm up now," Dr. Whale said. Ruby nodded and walked away. Granny eyed the two suspiciously.

"What are you going to do about the trial?" Dr. Whale asked.

"See if I can't find someone to be Eugene's new lawyer, which won't happen because wants to represent a known thief, no one wants to give him a second chance."

"Didn't the town already give him a second chance?"

"I guess it just seems that...cough...cough"

"Just breathe," Dr. Whale said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm going to lose him," Anna said, "This town is going to throw out a perfectly good man because of something so small."
Sorry that it's been absolutely forever since the last chapter, but it's my senior year of university and I have to read about two books a week for just one class not to mention other homework, but because I kind of want to prolong things, I may start picking up this particular story again...I miss it. Anyway I hope you enjoy this 'page'.
 The Dark and Cold (c), me
Anna/Else version (c), me
Eugene/Flynn version (c), me
Emily/Esmeralda version (c), me
Charlie/Clopin version (c), me
Once Upon a Time and its characters (c), Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis
Anna/Else face claim Amanda Seyfried 
Eugene/Flynn face claim Eric Balfour
Emily/Esmeralda face claim Penelope Cruz
Charlie/Clopin face claim Johnny Depp
Nah'dia Souhma by Fredalice
Nah'dia Souhma
So this is my Star Wars OC revamped. I figured since my drawing skills have gotten better and with the new Star Wars coming out, I'd revisit my own character. I decided that her name wasn't "spacey" enough, but she's been Nadia so long that it's hard to change, so I just changed the spelling though the pronunciation is the same. As for her surname, it was just all wrong, so I looked at the other surnames that other twi'lek characters have and kind of created one that might generally fit the rest. I also added a real face instead of the shapeless face shape I'd been drawing in the past, which I'm super excited about!

A lot of my recent characters that are girls are starting to have the more muscular body shape, and as it turns out Nah'dia is no different. Still need some work on drawing this new body type, but I think I'm not off to a bad start =)

Race : Twi'lek
Gender : Female
Age : 39 (during the Clone Wars)
Light saber color : Purple
Name : Nah'dia Souhma
Rank : Jedi Knight "retired"
Fear : silence
Personality : reserved, short-tempered, skeptical, a drunk, a loner, fighter, determined, never gives up, tolerates people she likes
Enemies : Saesee Tiin, Yoda, the Sith Empire
Friends : Deveron Tooms, Abhigya Mihohisako, Jango Fett, Hans Solo, Lando Calrissian 
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: the bagpipes of Scotland
  • Reading: constantly my book
  • Watching: trying to focus else where
  • Playing: with my future
  • Eating: copious amounts of chocolate
  • Drinking: tea and whiskey
So I haven't ever done this, except for my very first video that I made on youtube, however I think I might start because I am kind of proud of the videos that I make and I want to share them more. However since I've been making videos for about a year now, I won't post all of the up, just the latest to get the ball rolling.

I've started doing book reviews, as part of my New Year's resolution of reading ten books this year. I've been meaning to start doing book reviews on my channel, I just haven't finished a book in a while. BUT NOW I HAVE!!

Anyway the first two book reviews are up and ready for all of you. 

The first is of a book on creative writing called "The Making of a Story" by, Alice LaPlante...

The second book I read this year is Inkheart by, Cornelia Funke...

Please check out these videos and if any others on my youtube channel peek your interest feel free to watch those as well. Thanks and enjoy!

Also since I just post the third one so close to when I posted this I'm just going to attach the latest, and third, book review on Game of Thrones:


Fredalice's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I've always been a storyteller, though hadn't realized it till 9th grade when I started writing my first book, which is currently on its 10th chapter in the first draft. Since then I've started writing many many short stories, have dabbled in poetry only to find that it's not my forté, and have started writing two other books. I've also started working in composing, still on my first a duet between cellos. And though I'm not good at it I sometimes like to draw, paint, and other such hobbies.
I've also traveled quiet a bit for a girl of 18 years, I've been to the UK and Ireland, Mexico, all over the USA, and have been to France twice in one year. I think it's safe to say that so far my love is France and I want to live there as an author, in a smaller town, and hopefully own a vineyard as a hobby, and in a house (…). Je parle un petite peu fraçais, though I'm trying to become fluent in it and I also want to become fluent in Latin. I also hope that when I grow up I'll be able to travel to at least every country(or continent is probably more realistic) at least once.


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