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Amandesse the Squirrel by Fredalice
Amandesse the Squirrel
So I've had this idea brewing for a good number of years. It's inspired by Beatrix Potter and her work (Peter Rabbit, the Tale of Two Bad Mice, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, etc.) I've always loved the whimsy of her stories and have wanted to create my own whimsy, so to speak. The other day an idea, or partial idea, came to me. I'm using myself (as the character shown above) and two of my friends (there characters coming soon), as the main characters. I'm hoping to publish this story so you won't be reading it on here, however you will see drawings/paintings of them and who they are as characters on here as I figure that those parts out.

Now for the introduction.

Everybody, I would like you to meet Ms. Amandesse the Squirrel. Her name derives from one of the words in French for nut "amandes". She is a squirrel from Province, France; a collector/harvester at heart and works as an alchemist.

These are practices of her expressions. The top left hand corner is just a generalization of what she looks like, she prefers straw hats that let her ears poke out and simple dresses with wraps, usually made of cotton or wool (and usually very colorful and floral). The top right hand one is what happens when you flatter her, she is a rather bashful squirrel, enjoying flattery as any other squirrel, but often getting rather embarrassed by compliments at the same time. The one below that is her laughing, I had a harder time with this one so sorry if it doesn't look like laughing so much, I was also trying to practice different head angles, trying to get different viewpoints that still look like her, and when she laughs she typically hides her smile behind her hands. The one below that is of her crying, she is a silent crier, never really heaving or crumpling on the ground, but more sniffling with slow tears. The last one, in the lower left hand corner, is Amandesse when she's made, again not being one to explode much, her anger comes out to be more stern, like a mother scolding her child.

I hope you eventually come to love Amandesse as much as I do. =) I will also be trying out watercolor painting with these characters, so you will most likely see these pictures again soon, but next time just being colored. 
Seeing Buckbeak by Fredalice
Seeing Buckbeak
I'm having way too much fun with this XD 

Anyway here's the scene in which the Merida, Jack, Rapunzel, and Hiccup are introduced to a hippogriff by Gobber (the Care of Magical Creatures professor). I imagine most of them would be rather surprised, though none would be scared, for obvious reasons I believe, though if you're still confused as to what those reasons would be don't be afraid to, I'll happily explain =)

I'd say expect more of these because they're really fun and don't take too long!
At Hogsmeade by Fredalice
At Hogsmeade
Quickly made this today, was inspired by some others that I've seen like this. These are the houses that I imagine that they would be in, sorry if you disagree, just my own conclusions. Don't ask me about their expressions I was mostly looking at neck and head angles that would fit with the bodies. Though you're welcome to maybe explain what think is going on and later I may turn your idea into a small short story about it =)

Hope you enjoy duckies!
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Ok, so I was hoping to have picked my comic back up when I got back from England, but that didn't really happen and for that I apologize. It has crossed my mind to do a little bit when I have the chance throughout the semester, but my free time is usually spent with friends/family/getting ahead on homework/or convention stuff (adding school and work into that mix). However for those of you who have been waiting patiently for the next page I will most definitely be starting this up against come summer.

I apologize again for not putting this up, but I have been meaning to work on the comic, it's only now that I realize those thoughts are futile. So you'll have to wait about a month and half more, until school is done for the summer. Then I will hopefully be getting pages up (I want to say once a week, but I don't want to promise anything until I find out what my summer is going to be like with free time). 

I hope you will be able to wait that much longer, and hopefully putting up this update you don't have to waste anymore time searching for a new page...that is until about mid-May.

I'll see you then my lovelies!!!

(In the meantime, on a note unrelated to 'Fear Not the Night' I will be posting up doodles that I do during class and pictures of Anomaly Con (steampunk convention) will be posted here shortly)


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I've always been a storyteller, though hadn't realized it till 9th grade when I started writing my first book, which is currently on its 10th chapter in the first draft. Since then I've started writing many many short stories, have dabbled in poetry only to find that it's not my fortÚ, and have started writing two other books. I've also started working in composing, still on my first a duet between cellos. And though I'm not good at it I sometimes like to draw, paint, and other such hobbies.
I've also traveled quiet a bit for a girl of 18 years, I've been to the UK and Ireland, Mexico, all over the USA, and have been to France twice in one year. I think it's safe to say that so far my love is France and I want to live there as an author, in a smaller town, and hopefully own a vineyard as a hobby, and in a house (…). Je parle un petite peu frašais, though I'm trying to become fluent in it and I also want to become fluent in Latin. I also hope that when I grow up I'll be able to travel to at least every country(or continent is probably more realistic) at least once.


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