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Angelita and El Diabla by Fredalice
Angelita and El Diabla
I recently rewatched Teen Titans and these two pretty ladies came into my head. Angelita and El Diabla are Hispanic girls who have traveled through hitchhiking (and flying) to Jump City. They had to leave their home because of El Diabla's (the youngest sister) appearance and powers the town they lived in became scared and Angelita being the loving sister she is, left the town with her sister as well. As they traveled to Jump City, they found that their town was not the only one who despised El Diabla. 

For El Diabla her appearance contains a tail and one would be able to see her ribs and spine; though while she's in more "normal" state these will just be outlined with a thin black line, but the more demonic she gets the ribs and spine will start to glow a light blue. Her eyes are also completely black and the irises take up most of her eye. Her powers include; use of her tail; and she can see the demons of everyone around her, when she cuts a person with the tip of her tail the person's inner demon slowly starts to take over until they become their own demon.

For Angelita, her appearance she had six wings and she paints her face to look like that of a sugar skull. Her power is the exact opposite of her sisters. She can see the angels of person and if she cuts that person with her sword the person slowly becomes their angel.

I also have it that they counter each other's powers. If El Diabla cuts someone then Angelita cuts that same person that person will stay exactly as they are and vise versa. There is also a clause in their powers that if they are separate for too long then they become what their powers do; in other words El Diabla becomes her own demon and Angelita becomes her own angel, this is reversed once they are back in each other's presence.
Kaede Yamata by Fredalice
Kaede Yamata
This is one of my most recent OC's for Ouran Academy High School Host Club. Her name is the title and she is the 'big sister' (for all intense and purposes) of Haruhi. I am currently writing her story out so I won't reveal too much of her story here. I'm really happy with how she turned out, hair and all. The drawing may not be perfect yet, but I think I worked with the Ouran style pretty well. 

I hope you guys like her and are interested in hearing her story when I start to post here (I'm hoping to finish writing chapter 6 or 7 before starting to post so that way I have a little leeway in case life gets busy. 
Queen of Hell by Fredalice
Queen of Hell
This is my villain persona that I came up with recently. She is drawn in the Tim Burton style and you may see her being drawn in other styles as well (since I'm practicing using different drawing styles to find my own that I like). She is also Steampunk themed here as the the Steampunk convention is coming up and I'll be wearing this costume for one of the days there.

I hope you like it!

Also the symbols are supposed to be on both arms, starting on the inside of her palm and at a the elbow snaking to the outside of her arm. They are voodoo runes as she is a Voodoo priestess (this is not to say that the religion of Voudon is inherently evil and I fought myself so much for having her use it in her evil schemes, but with her character it just fits, so it's her that is evil not the religion she uses as it is in real life as well). There you go!! A lesson with this picture! And in case you were wondering what's in her right's a tommy gun
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Sorry I haven't been doing a whole lot on here, it's just my focus has been elsewhere. I've recently come to England to study abroad for a semester and now NaNoWriMo has started, as well as essays are starting to be due. I am working on some drawings to post of my Avatar Last Airbender OC Shue, but I don't want to make an promises on when those are going to be up because I don't know. It's slow going you guys. 

On the subject of NaNoWriMo, my username is Wordy-Magic so if any of you are currently trying this major feat I would love to friend you. Always looking for new friends =) 

Hope you all are doing well!


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I've always been a storyteller, though hadn't realized it till 9th grade when I started writing my first book, which is currently on its 10th chapter in the first draft. Since then I've started writing many many short stories, have dabbled in poetry only to find that it's not my fortÚ, and have started writing two other books. I've also started working in composing, still on my first a duet between cellos. And though I'm not good at it I sometimes like to draw, paint, and other such hobbies.
I've also traveled quiet a bit for a girl of 18 years, I've been to the UK and Ireland, Mexico, all over the USA, and have been to France twice in one year. I think it's safe to say that so far my love is France and I want to live there as an author, in a smaller town, and hopefully own a vineyard as a hobby, and in a house (…). Je parle un petite peu frašais, though I'm trying to become fluent in it and I also want to become fluent in Latin. I also hope that when I grow up I'll be able to travel to at least every country(or continent is probably more realistic) at least once.


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